Finding Inspiration

Inspiration comes from the oddest places. I’ve been going through a period of increasing doubts about my writing path. I have a manuscript in the revision state—it seems as if I’ve been working on it forever—and I feel bogged down. Writing something new opens the flow of creativity energy, revision not so much. Two writing friends have exploded in a good way with their recent works, and I’m so happy for them. Through a conversation with one of them, a dear friend and critique partner, I found myself asking for permission to move on to a new project. 

Why do I need permission? Because I don’t trust my writing at the moment. We talked it out and I decided to follow her advice and see where my muse takes me right now. Last month, I discussed having two blog posts a week with this very smart lady, and I’ve found it focuses me to do two different posts on different topics, Writing Life and Southern Life. So, what’s the issue with my writing? I’m in limbo with this manuscript, seeing its possibilities and knowing the hard work ahead. So, I’m taking a pause from the revisions. 

I’m going on vacation with my grandchildren for the next month, camping in South Dakota. I will open my eyes and my heart to the newness of the area and allow my muse some play time. I look forward to seeing another part of the country through the eyes of 12-year-olds. Completely fresh perspective. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the trip, and I hope I have some keen insights into new characters, new places, and new plots and twists. Maybe even a different genre. 

My hope is to come back rejuvenated and with some ideas for a new writing project. Perhaps, then I can face the hard task of completing the revisions on the current manuscript, while being excited about, as well as pushing myself to get to a new project.

As writers, we all need to step away at some point and evaluate where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. I look forward to seeing where my journey will take me.

How about you? How do you re-energize?