Refill the Well

A view of the Badlands National Park

I’ve been on vacation in South Dakota for the past two weeks with the grandkids. I returned the kids to my daughter and I’m spending the next two weeks with her. So, the good news is I have some dedicated writing time, which I’m excited about. I’ve been procrastinating in finishing this book, but I found giving myself permission to step away and become an observer of life has given me the push I need to get it done. The best way to gain perspective is to take a break from the ordinary, and discover a new place with new images to feed the senses.

The Buttes of the Badlands
The prairie dog community look out
The goat three feet away from my car window

The Badlands were a great place to refill my well. Energy exploded through my body in that quiet place. The prairie dog communities reminded me of the need for a warning system in life and the mountain goats, oblivious to cars just feet away from them, taught the importance of remaining focused on the simple pleasure of a good meal without distraction, which far outweighs the clutter of life beyond my control.

The bison in Custer gave me perspective. They roam free through the park, reminding me of the things that are really important, such as the ability to decide what I need, not what others say I need. My brain slowed and my soul lifted as I watched them. Cars stopped and people stared, and the bison could have cared less. They grazed and lumbered along, minding their own business. They take their time when crossing the road, stopping the traffic. When one of them turns in your direction, you can sense the power in these beasts. How can this vision not send your soul soaring?

A bison right outside our campsite.

I’m looking forward to a new project, so I’m focused on finishing this one in order to free my newly replenished creative energies and listen to my muse. I’m excited about writing again. 

Are you struggling with your project? Give yourself permission of time to reconnect with what’s really important. My vacation taught me to slow down, take a walk, and observe nature when I become overwhelmed. Find out what feeds your soul and artistic purpose, then enjoy it.

Happy Writing!