Life Through a Prism

I finally found a small box of crystals and stones in the bottom of a box of books, all prize possessions. So, I added them to my amethyst crystal on my desk. I held each of the crystals up to the light and I was able to see the many facets of their designs. I was amazed at the different look each had based on the reflection of light. They grabbed the rays of sunshine and came alive with vividness in my hands. It was the same crystal prism, but I saw in it different things. Isn’t life this way? It’s really about our perceptions, not the static reality we impose on it. Today may be cloudy, but tomorrow it’s bright with sunshine and filled with hope.

I’ve learned the value of crystals, especially my amethyst, which draws out negativity.As much as I love the tumbled and polished stones I’ve collected through the years, my favorites are the ones in a more natural state with sharp peaks which attract and focus light in different ways.

I pride myself on being a complicated woman, which is most likely the reason I love the unpolished stones. I view life as a series of events, not a moment in time. Yes, those moments are special, but the events and emotions leading up to those snapshot moments are most important. Without the dips, we wouldn’t appreciate the peaks.


As an author, I write toward the black moments in my novels, with several momentary plateaus driving the story toward it. But it’s the steps in between those plateaus that create the story. Women’s fiction is about a woman’s journey, but without those steps leading you to the black moment, why would you as a reader care? I want you to connect with my heroine and feel her pain and her joy. I want you to feel you can overcome whatever is holding you back in your life as you escape into my fictional world.

All of my books have a love interest and the happily ever after ending I like in what I read, but it’s still the woman and the path she is taking that drives the story. When people ask me what I write, I say inspirational women’s fiction. Why? Because I hope to inspire another woman to step higher, reach out for more, and sometimes even overcome whatever situation is holding her back in life.

I hope you’re inspired to look at more than one side of your prism and see the potential within you. If so, please share it with me. I love hearing from my readers.