Hissy Fit

You may recall I was in a “state” last week. In that condition, I can laugh things off. However, last Saturday, technology got the best of me and I had a tantrum, or as we call it in the South, a hissy fit which luckily I got under control before it progressed into a conniption. Who knew creating a header on a .rtf could cause a meltdown? curls-tantrum-colour-blank-bckgrnd-thI justified my deplorable behavior with excuses, such as it was late and I was trying to get an entry for a contest completed. You see, it was 11:00 pm June 5th, the deadline date, except it was only June 4th I had twenty-five hours until the deadline. Facts are minor inconveniences when all rationality has flown out the window. All I can say is Saturday was a really long day of running errands and I guess I thought it had lasted for more than the normal twenty-four hours. But back to the subject at hand, my hissy fit. The dog started whining to go out, my computer decided to start having issues, and I had the beginnings of a toothache. Add these to trying to meet my supposed deadline, and I dove right over the cliff head first.

I have a tendency to hold a lot of things inside giving the appearance of a woman in control. But it’s really an illusion. As an older Southern woman, I believe any tantrums we have should remain in the confines of our homes. I grew up believing tantrums have ranges, for which we have names. Depending on the level of the tantrum, it is labeled as a hissy fit or a conniption, which is a bit more severe than a mere hissy fit. Hissy fits can result in shouting words ladies never say in public. Well, most ladies, anyway. Yes, I did resort to swearing like a sailor at my computer, an inanimate object. I told you rationality had left the house, uh camper, in my case. Luckily for me I did not go into a conniption because that can result in throwing things, which I did not do because my computer is my livelihood.

I’ve talked to several people who have recently had, or know someone who has had, a hissy fit. So, this led me to ponder: Could it be the misalignment of the stars and the moon? Or, perhaps, barometric pressure because that’s what I blamed my kids’ bad behaviors on when I couldn’t find any other reason. Sorry, I think it’s just a matter of reaching the end of the proverbial rope for whatever reason.

With that in mind, I pulled out my yoga DVD and I started meditating, two things that help me regain balance in my life. You see, I figured out what my hissy fit was caused by. I was tired and stressed, living in a camper for nine months can do that, and I have been eating poorly. I was not getting exercise. I was watching too much TV, reading too little, and relaxing none at all.


We’re not destined to have hissy fits, conniptions, tantrums, or whatever your label for out of control behavior is. It is not built into our DNA. It is about the choices we make on how to handle the stresses of our lives. So, I’m going to leave you with a serious question. If you are feeling strung out and snapping at people, what are you doing to help yourself? If you’ve snapped at someone you love recently, blaming them for your bad behavior, have you taken the time to apologize and find a way to give yourself an attitude adjustment to make sure it doesn’t happen again? I hope so, because life’s too short to be so angry and people are too precious to treat them so poorly.