My Gift to Myself

I will be 60 years old on May 16th of this year and it marks a milestone for me. I have been a reader for most of those years, but I’ve changed direction to write my own novel. I’ve struggled with this book, letting other people define my time and zap my energy. But, the one constant I have held onto is that I will complete this book before my magic birthday this year.

Thus, I will be blogging over the next several weeks about where I’m at in the process. This morning, I had 14 completed chapters when I began, about one-half of the book completed. By day’s end I have added two more chapters and I’ve begun Chapter 17. This was done among helping take care of my grandchildren — 4-year-old twins — before and after preschool. I prepared dinner for my family, daughter and twins included, and I took care of the requisite daily chores one has in one’s life. I’m sharing this to let you know I have a full life, but I intend to achieve my goal. I also have a loving and supportive husband in this endeavor.

I’m using some of Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s books to guide me through this process. I have found these craft books the most beneficial for my style of writing, and I would recommend them to any novice writer. They are Book in a Month, 45 Master Characters, and Story Structure architect, seen in the picture with this blog. In addition, I’ve studied the heroine’s journey through classes and books, as well as the hero’s journey.

I decided to make this public to keep me on track. I will share the trials I face as I work toward my deadline and living life at the same time, an obstacle all writers face. I hope you will follow my adventure through my daily blog. I can always use positive feedback and support to get me through.