Past and Present

This week I had a fellow writer friend visiting from Wisconsin. We went searching for treasures at antique stores and flea markets, and I was reminded of how important our past is to our present. We found some lovely things at Millie’s Flea Market, things that reminded me of my grandmother and mother, two ladies who were very important in my life. And I realized how we are shaped by our past. We can learn from our past, but we need to live in the present. I’ve talked about this before, but this week’s blog I’m going a bit further by saying we need to plan for the future. Yes, I did say future. We need to know where we’re going or we’ll struggle in getting there. And it’s possible we never will reach our destination.

I’ve had a wonderful week with Rose Lange, a writing friend visiting from Wisconsin. As I floated in my present, I watched her work ethics. She’d pull out her computer and put in her earbuds and write. She kept a notebook beside her to take notes, too. I was amazed at how she jumped right into her work. For me, I need to set the scene: the diffuser with a blend of oils and some flowers nearby. It’s how I trigger my brain to move into writing mode. Oh, and a clean work space. I can’t deal with clutter. Think about how you set your environment. Are you like my friend, or do you have to signal your brain to work like me?

This past week has been a time of rekindling a past friendship. We had some wonderful hours talking writing, the thing I do miss since my move to Tennessee. She is a self-proclaimed panster, and I’m more of a plotter; so, I really enjoyed listening to how she puts her novels together. Since I move from the beginning to the end with defined points between, I was fascinated to hear how she writes in scenes, then pulls them together. I don’t think I trust myself enough to do that, but it works for her. I tried pantsing and I’m now rewriting the entire last third of my current project. I have a feeling my muse was napping while I wrote.

Perhaps, this is part of my need to plan for the future. If I don’t have a plan, I have a tendency to float, not a good way for this writer to finish my project. This is not for everyone. It certainly isn’t the way my friend Rose works, but I must have a defined structure in my life, thus the need for a plan. I’ve loved spending this week with Rose and her family, and I’ve especially enjoyed talking writing again. But now it’s time to work. Take what I’ve gleaned from another writer and build the plan that works best for me. I cleared my schedule from 8:00 – Noon, Monday thru Friday. If I leave my house in the morning, I struggle with working in the afternoon, so it was mandatory I clear my morning schedule for writing.

Wishing everyone a productive and creative week.

Happy Writing!