Still At It

I thought I would have time today to do so much writing, but then I putted around this morning with my animals and my website, losing track of time. Before I knew it I had to leave for my Noon dental appointment and very little work had been done. But, I was thinking about where I was going in the book, I told myself. That is somewhat valid, but more of an excuse. By the time I came home the family was home and life in my office became a family affair, so I put my work aside for awhile and enjoyed my family.

I finally made it back to my desk at 9:00 this evening and finished the edits on Chapters 16 and 17. I needed to go through those in order to see where I was heading with Chapter 18. I only managed to get 487 new words down today, but I did write and I did think about my book off and on all day. I have a better idea of where I’m heading tomorrow morning, when I have set aside the whole morning for writing. Wish me luck!