Great Day!

I’m so excited. I wrote 5,062 words today and completed 2 chapters. The twins were really good and let me get in my work. I had some interruptions, but nothing I couldn’t handle. It’s a great feeling to know the project is doable. I will definitely have to stay on track and focused for the next eleven days to reach my goal, but I’m convinced I can do it. I’m just pushing forward getting the story that’s in my head down on paper. I laid out the remainder of the story in my mind map this morning and then set to work on scribbling notes and writing.

I have all of next week cleared on my calendar so that I can write, but today I proved to myself I can write with distractions and I found the way that works for me. I even took out time to play with my grandchildren. I tallied up six hours of prep and writing time today. I look forward to tomorrow.