Lucky 7

I’ve been away trying to do some serious writing as of late. But, today, I’m having some fun with my blog as I was tagged by my dear friend, Mary Jo Scheibl aka Casey Clifford, the author, to play the lucky 7. The rules are to:

1) go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
2) go to line 7
3) copy down the next seven lines / sentences and post them on your blog or Facebook
4) tag 7 authors and let them know

So here are my contributions to this fun game, which have been taken from my current WIP, Betrayal of the Butterfly:

“Well, I can think of one way,” Joetta replied.
“Don’t you dare blackmail her into giving you one of her paintings,” Sarah said.
“You can’t blame me for trying. I haven’t seen this level of passion in art in decades. Everything is so sterile and lifeless today. Ah, but Abbe’s work is magnificent.”
Abbe felt the red creeping up her neck at the heartfelt compliment. <em>If only she knew.</em>
“I don’t know who he was, but I think castration would be a fitting reward for what he did.”

And, here are the 7 authors I’m tagging:

Betsy Norman a gifted writer of YA

Kristin Bayer a talented writer who has shown me that technology is not something to fear

Andrea Boeshaar a multi published writer who is not afraid to carry her convictions through in her books and in life

Mary Hughes a multi published writer who has taught me no matter how busy there is always time to help others

Tina Susedik a published writer who has taught me so much in the time I’ve known her

Carla Cullen a writer of YA Fantasy and Romance who never lets me sit on my laurels

Amy Sandas a newly published author who is not afraid to take on difficult commitments