Hello Autumn!

Vibrant colors of orange, red, and yellow. The brisk air when I open a door or a window. Sitting around the fire pit in the evening with good conversation and warm apple cider. And football! What’s not to love about Autumn?

My energy level begins to pick up after the lazy days of summer. My to do list is long but doable. I can work in my yard without the worry of heat stroke, and I can enjoy rocking on my porch with a cup of coffee at any time during the day or evening without breaking a sweat or being eat up by bugs. I choose to be outdoors during this season. I’m fortunate to live in the woods where I can see God’s color palette, and I take advantage of it.

But I mentioned football, my favorite Fall activity. On Friday nights, I attend high school football games with Ray, who once played and coached the game. I have bleacher butt for all of the years I’ve sat in the stands. On Sunday, it’s the NFL. Love my Green Bay Packers, and the Tennessee Titans are growing on me. And college football games on Saturday! What more can I ask for?

Did you know the regions of the country can determine football habits? Born in the South, I always took college football for granted. The South Carolina Gamecocks and that other team, which we don’t mention around this house, the Clemson Tigers. Then I moved to the upper Midwest, outside of Indianapolis where we celebrated the Colts, formerly of Baltimore and I can remember the move and heard the stories first hand from members of the Colts family. Ah, but when we moved to Wisconsin I fell in love with a team. The Packers get in your blood. For the few people who were not at home watching the game on Sunday, the time to shop was during the game. You had the stores to yourself. Yes, my blood runs green and gold and always will.

Now I’m back in the South, and I’m learning to adjust. High school football is the thing to do on Friday evenings. My small town of Pulaski, Tennessee built a stadium for the Giles County High School football team when they won the Tennessee 4A championship in 2008. I heard it cost the city three million dollars. Need I say more?


But the biggest change is the shift from pro to college football. Ask the locals about the Tennessee Titans and they smile and make some short remark. Ask them about the Tennessee Volunteers or Alabama Crimson Tide, and you’d better be prepared to spend the next hour hearing the history of their team. Everyone has an opinion. Since moving here in 2015, I’ve fallen in love with Nick Saban. Tennesseans have high hopes for the Vols since Jeremy Pruitt, former defensive coordinator of Alabama under Saban, has taken on the job as head coach. Yes, I’ve acclimated back to the South.

Yes, this is my time of year. Energy soars through my veins. Let me hear from you. Do you love Autumn as much as do I? If so, let me know why.

Roll Tide!