Favorite Unavoidable Distractions

Last week I talked about distractions. I’m going to continue that topic this week, but with a different twist. Some distractions can’t be avoided. I had eye surgery on Tuesday, which I knew would keep me from my primary work of editing my novel. By the way, the eye surgery was successful and I should be back in full swing by the first of next week. I started off my week with digging into my edits and getting as much done as possible. Then Tuesday was pretty much a day of resting after the surgery. But I did take time to notice the snow as Ray drove me to Nashville. That is a creative endeavor of its own making. The steady white flakes soothed me. We don’t get much snow is south central Tennessee, and having moved here from Wisconsin, I can say I really enjoy our southern snows—beautiful, but short.

When Wednesday rolled around, I picked up my knitting that had been calling my name since the first of the year. I realized I could knit without causing stress on my eye because it was a bulky yarn and a simple pattern. I’m happy to say this cowl I made for one of my granddaughters helped me pass the time this week and continue on my journey of creativity.

It’s important to have several areas of creativity at your disposal for distractions you cannot control. Instead of feeling anxious for not having accomplished what I wanted to do this week, I now feel exhilarated at having tackled and completed this project. My main objective for this year is finishing my novel. Although it is my primary focus, I want to have balance in my life. And, for me, balance is achieved through creativity, the thing that makes me feel alive. I encourage you to have several projects in different areas ready to grab when distractions, which are out of your control, occur. I look forward to getting back to work on my edits next week, but I haven’t lost a week because of the distraction of my eye surgery. I gained a week of balanced creativity.

Wishing all of you a creative and enjoyable week ahead!