The Natural Balance of Life

I’m taking a break from writing to enjoy nature. Fall is approaching. The humidity is tolerable. A breeze is gently caressing the still green leaves off the trees. I’ve heard the late summer temperatures will mean fewer beautiful colors this year. I hope they’re wrong.

I’m creating a bird sanctuary, sanding the rusted bird bath and repainting it, and setting up the Yankee spinner, or twirl-a-squirrel, as my daughter lovingly named it. Thus far, my squirrels haven’t bothered it. There are still plenty of nuts and berries on the property to make them happy. But I’m sure it’ll prove a lot of entertainment over the winter months.


This winter I’ll paint my bird houses and set them up in the early Spring. I especially treasure the one my brother made for me 35 years ago in his high school shop class. It’s still packed away safely in a box in my basement. I want to repaint it over the winter. I’ll share a picture of the finished products with paint and birds next Spring.

This afternoon, I’ll continue sanding down the bird bath and repaint it.  I had to go to several stores to find the right color. Who knew there were so many green hues out there?

I took in my hummingbird feeders and cleaned them, putting them away until next year. The hummingbirds have now moved on, heading to more southerly climates. I miss their humming sound and dive bombing each other. They are extremely territorial and some are even bullies. A lot can be learned by watching hummingbirds. But I have to admit I’ll look forward to seeing and hearing them again next year.

My butterflies have been beautiful this year. I had a butterfly garden while we lived in the camper, but most of my plants died before we moved into the house. I saved one butterfly bush and some Russian sage from a friend’s garden. I’ll do research to find out what to put into that garden next Spring. These pictures below are posted on my white board to keep me focused on completing my two novels named in their honor: Flight of the Hummingbird  and Betrayal of the Butterfly.







I love watching the wildlife from the windows of my house. The deer come in every evening to enjoy the corn we put out for them. I’ve grown attached to the twin fawns and their mother. I’d share a picture, but I get so lost in watching them, I forget to pull out my camera. They love the open field and running around the fruit trees in our small orchard. I’ve followed their mother’s weaning process reminding me of that time years ago with my own babies, now grown with children of their own.

Taking time to enjoy life all around us is important to our mental health. Last week was miserable for me with computer problems, but it all slips away when I sit in the rocker on my front porch with the ceiling fan whirring above me and watch my birds flitting from the tree leaves to the feeder. The squirrels race around chasing each other to provide further entertainment. I take a sip of my ice tea and enjoy the solitude of home.

What gives you peace and joy?

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