Revivify the Dream

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, revivify means “to impart new life, energy, or spirit to,” and that describes my experience while at the writer’s retreat I attended over the weekend. I had a revivifying experience. I’ve been struggling with the book I’ve been working on for the past five years. Actually, I’ve spent more time thinking about writing it than I have putting words to paper, or fingers to keys.

I left for the retreat with hope I would get answers. I was at a fork in the road. One direction would lead me to a breakthrough and building a career as a writer. But I’d started to believe it would be the other direction I would follow, the one that gives up as a writer and abandons a lifelong dream.

The morning I left, I received an email from my writing partner with the chapter she’d critiqued for me. I didn’t have a chance to open it until the second day I was in Mentone, Alabama. Wow! The sun came out and the angels sang! My answer came in an unexpected way, not from the retreat itself, but from 800 miles away and a dear and trusted writer friend. She had a lot of suggestions for me, and it was those recommendations that turned on the lights to what this chapter could be with some work. I was excited. My spirit revived, and my dream was visible again. We all need friends who can make us realize our potential. Without them, we might walk away from our dreams.

The retreat played an important role in my revelation, too. After my breakthrough I began truly listening to the other authors and gleaning advice to take home with me. We can only learn when we open ourselves up to possibilities. One writer I admire for her persistence and dedication to her writing shared with me that sometimes we have to push through the times we want to throw in the towel; that is the only way to reach the end.

The light switched on and I could see. I found my way. I’m now back at home and excited to be writing again.

I hope everyone who reads this finds a way to move toward their dream. After all, what is life without a dream?

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