Fall and Football

I love football. It’s part of the fall experience for me. Also, my husband and my younger son were former college and semi-pro players. In addition, my husband was a high school football coach, most recently the kicking coach at the local high school–Giles County High School in Pulaski, Tennessee. My other two children were also athletes, one in basketball and soccer and the other in volleyball and football. My daughter was the first female football player at Brownsburg Junior High School in Brownsburg, Indiana. She was a nose guard and she was good. And the fun sport was track. All three of them participated in shot put and discus, and my husband was their coach. I spent a lot of time at school events. I’m not an athlete, so as all converts, I go overboard as a fan. Yep, I’m the one yelling in the stands, “Hey, ref, I’ll get you a rule book for Christmas.”

My son was a linebacker and a punter. All three were soccer goalies. I have plenty of grey hairs related to seeing feet coming at the head of these children.

Having moved back to the South from the Midwest, I’m embracing college football again. So, Saturday is spent watching colleges go head to head, foot to foot, and body to body. I love the enthusiasm of Alabama fans. My husband tries to watch his South Carolina Gamecocks whenever they’re on TV—not often. I’m a graduate of Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis (IUPUI, pronounced oo-we-poo-wee) and they were changing their mascot from the Metros to the Jaguars when I attended. Don’t ask! Besides, we didn’t have a football team. I did follow the Gamecocks and the Butler Bulldogs. Later, I became a fan of the University of Wisconsin -Stout to support my son. But, it’s exciting to return to the South and the SEC.

Then comes Sunday with the NFL. I don’t especially care for the new wimpy rule to protect the quarterback—that’s the mother of a former linebacker coming out in me. My favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, felt the brunt of this new ruling earlier this season when Clay Matthews was penalized two weeks straight for hits on the quarterback. How lame! Sacking the quarterback is the job of the linebacker.

I’m watching the Tennessee Titans play the Chargers, I think they’re from LA now, but I really could care less. They’re playing in London today—not sure why we’re doing this exchange program. The Titans are my home state team now, but I’m struggling to connect to them. It may take time.

The good news is fall is about football in this family. The weather gets cooler and we put a fire in the wood stove, turn on the television, and sit back. Also, it’s about food. Chili is the favorite, although hot chicken wings is growing on us.

I hope you’re enjoying this time of year. I hope you’ll drop me a line and tell me what you associate with Fall.

Roll Tide and Go, Pack, Go!

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