Southern Spring

As March has given way to April, I have come to appreciate my new Tennessee address more than ever. At this time last year, we were in Wisconsin dealing with Spring snow and freezing temperatures. This year I’m living in my camper and working outside at my patio table looking over our six wooded acres. I’m wearing capris and short sleeves, relishing the Spring breeze.

Last week my daughter, who still lives in Wisconsin, replied to her father’s text of “86 degrees and sunny” with “I loathe you.” She was dealing with two inches of snow and 30 degrees that day. I remember last year well. When my Tennessee and Alabama friends are complaining of rain and wind, I reply with “just be grateful it isn’t snow.” I get a lot of strange looks.

I know my Wisconsin friends will be reminding me of the beautiful weather this July and August when my temperatures will reach the upper 90s, and I will let them rub it in. But for now, I watch the leaves spill forth on the trees, the greenery coming in so many different shades.

Ray is planting his garden, and we will most likely get at least two harvests of tomatoes this year. Last year, our tomatoes were beginning to turn when we sold the house at the end of August. Living close to Lake Michigan has a down side.

Our first peaches

Our first peaches

We planted the orchard two months ago. In three to five years, we’ll have peaches, apples, cherries, and pears. It appears only the plum trees didn’t make it. We have peaches on some of our trees already (see the photo). You will have to look hard to find them because they’re really small right now.

We have much work yet to do, but it’s already home to us. I planted some dogwoods and azaleas to frame the entrance to my hidden garden. I planted my herbs in pots so I can eventually move them to the deck of the house. And I’ve purchased some coral bells in various shades and butterfly bushes that I have to plant later this week (see photo). I love working in the yard, and I have a lot of yard to let my ideas roam free.

IMG_0002The house is going up slowly. We now have windows, doors, and a roof on it. It has wiring and plumbing, and we hope to have two new heat pumps and duct work by next week. Building a house causes excitement, angst, complete loss of energy, and it tests every decision-making skill one possesses. But that’s a story for another day, most likely after I’m looking out from my sunroom with a glass of ice tea in hand.

For now, our trees have filled out and the house is hidden from the road. The birds’ songs fill the air. I’ve found my paradise in Leoma, Tennessee. I hope ya’ll will stop by and visit often. Let me know how I can extend my Southern hospitality to you.


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      I never got used to late Springs in Wisconsin. Being here has reminded me how much I missed them.